#247RUNNING is an online community of mutually supportive runners of all abilities - anyone with an interest in running, is welcome to join in, from private individuals, to businesses, charities and race organisers.


It's FREE and easy to participate. Just utilise the #247RUNNING hashtag or tag us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Each month we giveaway a prize for our favourite posts.

Our 4,500+ strong, community of runners share each others posts, give fellow runners virtual high-fives when things are going well and offer support and advice when they are not.


Caroline Constable

#247RUNNING was created and is run by Caroline Constable, who started running at the age of 40. With a passion to go farther not faster, she has completed 11 marathons so far and is currently ‘in training’ for the Marathon des Sables 2020. Caroline is also a regular at her local parkrun, both as a runner and volunteer.


The plan for #247RUNNING is to continue to grow this amazing online community of runners and to raise funds that will help others benefit from the physical and mental advantages that running can bring.

We are currently supporting The Running Charity who use running to improve the lives of 16-25 year-olds, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness across the UK.

Learn how you can help #247RUNNING raise funds here, or visit The Running Charity website to support them directly: https://www.therunningcharity.org/

The Running Charity