What's your running story?

What’s your Running Story?

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, they also run for a variety of reasons, often with mental and physical health benefits being at the fore. We want to know why YOU run! To lose weight? To get fit? To raise money? To make your kids proud? We’re opening up our blog for you to…

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Jamed Abrahams

Running for Mum Made Me a Marathoner

By James Abrahams

People have many different reasons why they start running. Mine was to raise money for a cancer charity, after my mum was diagnosed early 2014…

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Angie Dunn at parkrun

From ‘No Way’ to 10K!

By Angie Dunn

I was 48 when I ran for the first time (and I mean the first time), I’m 51 now. My husband had been doing park run for a couple of years and I had no interest whatsoever…

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